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EMTechTutoring and Creative Classroom Solutions, LLC
 EMS programs, wilderness courses, and creative classroom ideas                

What we offer
  • Emergency Medical Technician (Basic or Advanced) courses

  • Emergency Medical Responder courses

  • Wilderness First Aid (16 hrs)

  • Wilderness First Responder  (72-80 hrs)

  • AHA CPR (Heartsaver and BLS)

  • Skills Practice

  • NREMT Tutoring

  • Creative classroom solutions

Our Mission

To encourage, motivate, and empower all students.

We encourage students to be unique and empathetic leaders. 


We motivate students with problem-solving, team building, and scenario-based activities.


We empower students with knowledge and skills that will help them transition into future careers, successfully and joyfully. 



Helping students succeed

We would love to come and run an entire course, a day-long workshop, or simply a lesson with your students!  If you're interested, contact us!




Check out our High School Wilderness First Responder/First Aid certification courses taught in collaboration with The Kane Schools!

“Hannah and Tom are an instructional team...
...the most exciting team of CTE teachers I have ever observed.

Their curriculum is deep and rich, based on their extensive
experiences. They bring excitement, energy, and creativity to every lesson. They have high expectations but provide support for students to individually and collectively succeed.”

-Jack G., Retired Director, Career & Technical Education at Pinkerton Academy



We are Located in Dover, NH

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