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Hannah Welsh is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and independently driven person who loves to collaborate with other educators and build partnerships within the community.  Tom Welsh is compassionate, dedicated, and flexible when working as a teacher or as part of a team. Together, they are progressive educators who excel at observation, differentiation, and understanding the tools necessary to create an environment that both motivates and supports the well-being of their students.  Tom and Hannah have been involved with experiential education their entire careers beginning with outdoor education and wilderness guiding. They have been working side-by-side for over 13 years. They met as Paramedics in Sydney, Australia and after returning to America seven years later, they taught remote medicine in northern New Hampshire. They are both currently Licensed NH EMS Instructor Coordinators and Certified CTE educators. Hannah Is also a Masters of Art Education grad student at Plymouth State University.
By creating EMTechTutoring and Creative Classroom Solutions, they hope to encourage ingenuity in classrooms and provide students with the tools necessary to develop their natural problem solving abilities- regardless of whether they are inside or outdoors! Their classroom model is dependent on the learning environment that best encourages individual and collective students to thrive. Career and life skills are fully embraced as a foundation to build on. Tom is humble and often directs his students to solutions by asking thoughtful questions and supporting the intuitive lateral thinking skills his students already possess. Hannah listens, is organized, and completes tasks creatively and efficiently. As a team, their newest, wild adventure, EMTechTutoring, will allow them to actively engage students with multiple teaching styles in a variety of learning environments. Hannah and Tom will tailor courses to meet the needs of their students and clients.
To encourage, motivate, and empower all students.
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